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A tour of our New Langston Jumbo Flexo Folder Gluer
General -

The machine is an 86 x 195 Flexo Folder Gluer with a die cut section. It prints 2 colors and can die cut sheets as large as 86 x 195 also. Material capabilities run from B & C flute single wall all the way up to CAA triple wall. The overall size of the machine is 35ft wide x 135 ft long and it arrived on 12 flatbed trucks.
Pre - Feeder -

A pre-feeder is used to reduce handling of big sheets saving time and reducing scrap. A full unit can be loaded and is then fanned into the in-feed section of the Langston.
Finished cartons ready to go to the unitizer.
Die Cut Section -

We can die cut a full 86 x 195 sheet or can add hand holes or access panels in the die cut section.
Control System -

We have upgraded the controls to a modern CNC system that controls all of the machine setups and saves them for future runs. We use 4 camera monitoring system so the main operator can visually monitor the entire machine from the control panel.
Print Sections -

The Langston has 2 flexo print sections allowing for 2 color printing. They have recently been upgraded with state of the art carbon fiber doctor blade systems.
Folder Gluer Section -

This section folds and glues the cartons using a 1 1/2, 2, 3 or 4 inch glue flap to guarantee a strong glue joint from C-flute to triple wall